Hello everyone,

Ascolti is a project based in Rome that wants to explore the universe of sound.

Thinking about the origins of “ascolti”, we must say that what is uniting us, as a collective, is the need of sharing a good quality music. That’s why we wanted to make as the website’s core an unlimited music library that anyone from anywhere can contribuite to grow better anytime.

Any part of the project has been thought for this: while the digital part, our website, provides to collect and share mixtapes, the other LIVE part gives you music performances allowing you to experience music personally.


Our purpose is to help the music environment to grow bigger and better, enjoying the beauty of the music landscapes, so if you want to be a part of Ascolti, send us a mixed podcast, your personal session or a playlist following the few steps below.
Send us a WeTransfert file to mixtape@ascolti.net :

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Contact us for general stuff or media enquiries

Thank you!